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His primary YouTube channel, “Onision”, features sketches and satirical clips; videos posted to his other channels focus on personal stories covering topics such as suicide and self-harm as well as discussion with his viewers. His online content has attracted controversy and criticism from online media outlets and viewers alike. As of November , Jackson’s main Onision channel has received over 2 million subscribers and over million video views; [10] his secondary channel “UhOhBro” has received just under 2 million subscribers and over million video views; [11] and his vlog channel “OnisionSpeaks” has received over 1. Jackson created his channel in but did not upload any content until October The video featured Jackson “jumping around screaming in a banana suit”, [3] as well as his first wife, Skye Tantaga. In , Jackson posted a number of clips with his then-girlfriend Shiloh Hoganson. No one will ever know how much I abuse you”, before hurling candy corns at her and laughing. Jackson’s on-camera and off-camera activity has received criticism from online media outlets as well as from fellow online content creators. The outlet described Jackson’s channel as frequently updated with a “very rough, in-your-face R-rated style” and called Jackson “the most controversial YouTuber.

Shiloh Hoganson

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In the following screenshot, a blog post by Shiloh months after they’d broken up, he forced her to quit her singing career and move in with him to work for and And likewise, when he began dating Lainey, within a month of.

Most of you know of Onision as a popular YouTuber who has made several comedy skits and videos commentating on trends. His spouse Kai, who was formerly known as Laineybot Real name Taylor. His real name is Greg, although he has recently had it changed to James most likely to avert attention from himself during an investigation of himself. You may know of his arguably most popular and controversial relationship prior to Kai, which was with a girl name Shiloh.

Kai himself is a victim of what he has done, except Kai has followed in Onision’s tracks and has also taken part in child grooming. I will go in depth into each of them in the two spoilers presented below.

Shiloh (singer)

Every time Billie breaks up with them, he begins love bombing Lainey again. This screenshot was taken only two days after he had cheated on Lainey with Billie the first time:. He is careful not to do this overtly on Twitter or Instagram like he does with Lainey, but during this time, he expends much more effort into communicating with Billie over Twitter and in videos than he does with Lainey.

Over-protection and isolation in the name of love. He also did this with Skye while they were still married, restricting her from seeing anybody but members of his own family, and members of her family that he approved of which was basically just her younger sister.

Left curious as to who the mysterious singer was, I did some research and found news about a person named Shiloh Dynasty. Shiloh Dynasty is.

The public is calling on social media sites to deplatform Gregory Jackson — known online as Onision — after multiple women accused him of grooming and emotional abuse that began when they were teenagers. Onision denies the allegations and blames the backlash on “cancel culture,” but given his past reactions to controversy , he may be playing into the spotlight.

To ensure he stops leveraging his influence over teenagers, he should be kicked off YouTube where he has a collective 5. YouTube’s policies may not directly ban his wrongdoing, but that just highlights the limitations of the company’s self-imposed rules. Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that allows creators to offer paid subscriptions to their content, banned Onision just before Thanksgiving for doxxing one of the women who spoke out against him.

He tweeted screenshots of texts between himself and YouTuber Billie Dawn Webb, one of which displayed Webb’s phone number. The Verge confirmed that the screenshots violated Patreon’s Bullying and Harassment Policy, even though it didn’t happen on Patreon itself.

Is Onision dating Shiloh, the singer?

Register to update information, save favorites, post photos, news stories and comments. Main Details. Shiloh broke out as a Canadian pop singer in at the age of She preformed with the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Shiloh, along with other young Canadian singers such as Justin Bieber and Drake, recorded the charity song Wavin’ Flag. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Shiloh would donate all money made from shows to charity.

Who is Shiloh dating in and who has Shiloh dated? Let’s take a look at Shiloh’s Shiloh profile photo. Shiloh is a year-old Canadian Pop Singer from Abbotsford, Canada. She dated YouTube personality Onision. According to our.

Onision is 34 years old. He is a Scorpio and was born in the Year of the Ox. Discover real Onision facts, biography, date of birth, and related news below. Onision is a YouTuber. Gregory was born in s, in the middle of Millennials Generation. He was born in the state of Washington and raised in the country by his mother alongside two sisters. He married Laineybot and previously dated pop singer Shiloh. Prior to web stardom, he served in the U. Air Force.

Onision: The Definitive Timeline Of YouTube’s Perfect Villain

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. I remember the first time I heard Shiloh Dynasty’s voice. It’s not just that Shiloh Dynasty’s voice is incredible, although it is—it’s that to hear it, you have to be searching. For me, the first time was in late December of

YouTuber Onision has been accused of grooming and various forms of Onision has refused an interview with Chris Hansen unless he is paid $, who Mongeau claimed to be dating while still ‘married’ to Jake Paul.

Draculoh 2 minutes ago 1. Yes, I indeed DID have a sepsis infection. I had a sepsis infection. Having sexual relations with a dog. Now in all honesty this make s me laugh so hard, it makes no sense. This is all because the dog bit me while I was bent over making the bed and the wounded area happened to be my private parts and my inner leg. Memory Loss Yes I did lose 3 years of my memory because of a horrible panic attack which sent me into a past traumatic stress shutdown of sorts.

Yes the video is real, why he thought to turn the camera on right away I have no idea, I found it cruel…. I hope no one has to suffer the depression and post traumatic psychosis I experienced. I had a few close friends who know some low people who were after my ex for hurting me.

When will YouTube ban Onision?

Weaved within the cultural fabric of YouTube is every base archetype. But for every Hero, Jester, Sage and Ruler, there must be a trickster, the bad guy we love to hate. Before Rebecca Black and before suggested video feeds were boiling over with Reply Girls, there was Greg Jackson, or as you may know him — Onision. Jackson is and continues to be one of the most reviled creators online.

He has publicly feuded with some of the biggest creators on YouTube while documenting various personal relationships imploding upon themselves with unflinching transparency. How did he get there?

Shiloh Hoganson (born April 25, ), previously known mononymously as Shiloh and currently performing under the stage name Lyldoll, is a Canadian pop and trap singer-songwriter. of child grooming and abuse were levied at James Jackson, a former partner of Shiloh, more widely known as Onision on YouTube.

Onision just posted a video introducing his girlfriend Shiloh. People in the comments were asking if it was the Shiloh, the Canadian singer. I looked up one of her videos, and it looks like her, but I also read that she’s Onision couldn’t be dating a teenager. Is he really dating this Shiloh, or am I just being misinformed? By the way, I’m not trying to accuse him of anything, I’m just curious and I can’t seem to find any reliable sources. Yes, she is Shiloh the singer. Greg isn’t much older anyway, at least not by my standards.

Hell, I am 20 and my partner is Plus, who even said they where being intimate? I praise him for moving on from Skye, he looks very happy. Way to go Greg.

Goodbye Shiloh

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